Military Star Card

The Military STAR Card is offered by the ECP (Exchange Credit Program) and managed by the AAFES (Army and Air Force Exchange).

Qualified, authorized veterans (with Exchange access) military staff and their families can apply for the Military Star Card.

The Military Star Card is accepted at on-base exchanges, uniform shops, commissaries, gas stations, and mini-marts. In addition to giving a line of credit, there are many other advantages to the Military STAR card.

The Military STAR card application, you can be found by visiting the Exchange Credit Program official website at

Please keep in mind: As of 30th September 2015, the Chase Military STAR Card with Mastercard benefits has been stopped. There is only one Military STAR Card now offered by the Exchange Credit Program (ECP).


Military Star Card

Military Star Card

Military Star Card offers a 10.99 annual percentage rate, no annual fees or late payment charges or overage, and a discount off services at certain exchange-operated businesses on base. Military Star Card can be used only in exchange-operated stores.

If you’re a military veteran with an honorable discharge but not retired, then you can visit at and get verified, then you can start shopping online at Then after you can apply for our military star card by visiting at


Military STAR Card Rewards

  • $1 spent = 2 points
  • 2,000 points earned = $20 rewards card
  • Please Check Here Rewards Terms and Condition: CLICK HERE

Where can I Use My Military STAR Card?

  • Commissaries
  • Uniform shops
  • Gas Stations *
  • Mini-marts/Shoppettes *
  • Class Six stores *
  • Armed Forces Recreation Center resort hotels
  • Army lodging, Morale, Welfare and Recreation
  • On-base Boingo Wi-Fi service subscription
  • Armed Forces Network equipment (required to rent)
  • Some on-base mini-mall retailers *
  • Marine Corps Exchange (MCX)
  • Navy Exchange (NEX)
  • Coast Guard Exchange (CGX)
  • Base Exchange (BX)
  • Post Exchange (PX)
  • Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES)

* On-base locations only.


The Military STAR card can be used at:

  • The exchanges of all branches of service
  • Online at the exchange websites.


Who can apply for a Military Star Card?

  • Veterans (with Exchange access) active duty
  • Reservist
  • Retired service member
  • Military spouses
  • Dependents
  • Basically anyone with Exchange shopping privileges


Military STAR Card Benefits

  • Accepted at all representatives (effective 11-9-2017)
  • No annual, late or over-limit fees
  • Offers promotional 0% interest 
  • Interest-free military clothing plan
  • 10% food court discount
  • Free standard shipping at Navy online exchanges and Army and Air Force Exchange
  • 5 cents per gallon fuel discount (military installation gas stations)
  • New accounts receive a 10% discount for shopping on the first day.
  • One low APR for all Military Star Card cardholders, regardless of credit score
  • Money saved from retailer fees is re-invested into military installation programs and services
  • Earn rewards on shopping;
    • $1 spent on-base = 2 points;
    • 2,000 points = $20
    • Exchange gift cards (applies to both cards)
  • Exclusive Exchange offers promotions for shopping made with the Star Card such as discounts, sweepstakes,  0% interest and more
  • While you are used, you may still make shopping, but you are not needed to make monthly payments and your interest rate is temporarily reduced to 6%.


Military STAR Card Disadvantages

  • If you missed payments then the military can take payment from your bank account.
  • Military Star Card is not a credit card that can be used wherever
  • Easy access to credit can be a hard financial burden lesson
  • Must be paid at the time of separation
  • No off-base shopping


Military STAR Card Login

  • First of all, visit the Military STAR official website at

Military Star Card login step 1

  • Now please enter your USer ID into the first empty textbox.
  • Next please enter the password into the second empty textbox.
  • After that please click on the login button to access your account.


Military STAR Card Contact Details

 Phone Numbers
USA 1-877-891-7827 (STAR)
Belgium 0800-1-6374
Crete 00-800-18092003452
Germany 0800-812-4690
Guam 1-800-546-7195
Italy 8008-72683
Japan 00531-11-4239
Korea 00308-130663
Netherlands 0800-022-9614
Norway 800-14-110
Spain 900-971-394
United Kingdom 0800-96-1843
Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iceland 214-312-6030
 Mail Correspondence:
Fax 1-214-465-2702
Mail Exchange Credit Program
PO Box 650410
Dallas, TX 75265-0410
Mail Payment The Exchange
PO Box 740890
Cincinnati, OH 45274-0890