Internet Slang Full Forms List

Internet Slang Full Forms: If you have no idea about the popular internet slang, then you have at the right post, cause here you can that all kinds of information which you need to know about the Internet Slang Full Forms List, It contains different acronyms which are important to know. An Internet Slang Full Forms are given below, Let’s check it out

Internet Slang Full Forms List

Internet Slang Full Forms List

Acronym Full Form List
2F4U ⟾ Too Fast For You
4YEO FYEO ⟾ For Your Eyes Only
AAMOF ⟾ As a Matter of Fact
ACK ⟾ Acknowledgment
AFAIK ⟾ As far as I know
AFAIR ⟾ As far as I remember / recall
AFK ⟾ Away from Keyboard
AKA ⟾ Also known as
B2K BTK ⟾ Back to Keyboard
BTT ⟾ Back to Topic
BTW ⟾ By the Way
B/C ⟾ Because
C&P ⟾ Copy and Paste
CU ⟾ See you
CYS ⟾ Check your Settings
DIY ⟾ Do it Yourself
EOBD ⟾ End of Business Day
EOD ⟾ End of Discussion
EOM ⟾ End of Message
EOT ⟾ End of Thread / .. Text / .. Transmission
FAQ ⟾ Frequently asked Questions
FACK ⟾ Full Acknowledge
FKA ⟾ Formerly known as
FWIW ⟾ For what it’s Worth
FYI / JFYI ⟾ (Just) For your Information
FTW ⟾ Fuck the World / For the Win
HF ⟾ Have fun
HTH ⟾ Hope this Helps
IDK ⟾ I don’t know
IIRC ⟾ If I Recall / Remember Correctly
IMHO ⟾ In my Humble Opinion
IMO ⟾ In my Opinion
IMNSHO ⟾ In my not so Humble / Honest Opinion
IOW ⟾ In other Words
ITT ⟾ In this Thread
LOL ⟾ Laughing out loud
DGMW ⟾ Don’t get me wrong
MMW ⟾ Mark my Words
N/A ⟾ Not Available / Applicable
NaN ⟾ Not a Number
NNTR ⟾ No need to Reply
noob n00b ⟾ Newbie
NOYB ⟾ None of your Business
NRN ⟾ No Reply Necessary
OMG ⟾ Oh my God
OP ⟾ Original Poster, Original Post
OT ⟾ Off Topic
OTOH ⟾ On the other Hand
PEBKAC ⟾ Problem exists between Keyboard and Chair
POV ⟾ Point of View
ROTFL ⟾ Rolling on the Floor Laughing
RSVP ⟾ Repondez s’il vous plait (French: Please reply)
RTFM ⟾ Read the fine Manual
SCNR ⟾ Sorry, could not Resist
SFLR ⟾ Sorry, for late Reply
SPOC ⟾ Single Point of Contact
TBA ⟾ To be Announced
TBC ⟾ To be Continued / To be Confirmed
TIA ⟾ Thanks in Advance
TGIF ⟾ Thanks God, its Friday
THX TNX ⟾ Thanks
TQ ⟾ Thank You
TYVM ⟾ Thank You Very Much
TYT ⟾ Take your Time
TTYL ⟾ Talk to you Later
w00t ⟾ Whoomp, there it is; Meaning “Hooray”
WFM ⟾ Works for Me
WRT ⟾ With Regard to
WTH ⟾ What the Hell / What the Heck
YMMD ⟾ You made my Day
YMMV ⟾ Your Mileage may vary
YAM ⟾ Yet Another Meeting
ICYMI ⟾ In Case you missed it

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