What is full form of STD, ISD, PCO?

What is the full form of STD, ISD, PCO?

What is the full form of STD, ISD, PCO

Do You know for what the abbreviations STD, ISD, PCO stands for? No, Then you need to check out this post. Here, in this post I am going to share detailed information about the followings:

  • What is the full form of S.T.D? or S.T.D Full Form
  • What is the full form of I.S.D? or I.S.D Full Form
  • What is the full form of P.C.O? or P.C.O Full Form

So, let us check out the detail information about “What is the full form of STD, ISD, PCO?”

What is the full form of STD, ISD, PCO?

The full form STD, ISD, and PCO are as followings:

  • S.T.D: Subscriber trunk dialing (STD)
  • I.S.D: International Subscriber Dialling (ISD)
  • P.C.O: Public call office (PCO)

Let us check out more information about these short forms in more details.

Full Form of STD – Subscriber Trunk Dialing

The sort form STD stands for the Subscriber Trunk Dialing.  It is also called as Subscriber Toll Dialing.

Basically, it is used to allow the subscriber to dial trunk calls for a longer distance outside of a particular boundary without any operator assistance.

The STD – Subscriber Trunk Dialing was started in 1958 and it was completed in the year of 1979.

The STD system specifies STD codes for each particular area which are officially called the area code, specific for particular area or region.

These code needs to be dialed before the phone number while making a  phone call.

This prefix starts with a 0. Certain numbers are also prefixed with 95 which are local calls within 500 km.

The term STD is used India, Australia, UK, Republic of Ireland, South East Asia, etc. Where as in the USA, it is known as the Direct Distance Dialing.

Full Form of I.S.D – International Subscriber Dialling

The short form ISD stands for the International Subscriber Dialling.

This term is used to describe an international telephone call that is dialed by the caller rather than going via an operator.

Full Form of  P.C.O – Public call office

The short form PCO stands for the Public call office.

Mainly,  PCO is used for the telephone facilities that are located in public places in India.

There is two type of PCO services. These two are: Service -manned and coin operated.


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