What is the full form of ACS???

What is the full form of ACS – ACS Meaning

What is the full form of ACS


Full Form of ACS: American Chemical Society

The short form ACS stands for American Chemical Society. ACS is the largest scientific society as well as the source of reliable scientific information in the world. It is based in the United States.

The society mainly works as a  professional home for chemists and also for the related professionals throughout the world.

The present president of ACS is Allison A. Campbell.

ACS Mission – Motto of ACS

American Chemical Society is a dynamic and visionary organization that aims to improve the livings of human beings through the transforming power of chemistry.

American Chemical Society also works to broaden the chemistry enterprise as well as the also for its practitioners for the benefit of human beings and Earth.

What ACS Do – What is the Work of ACS?

The following is a list of some major work, for which the system is responsible.

  1. It Publishes scientific journals and databases.
  2. Also Provides educational as well as career programs in chemistry
  3. It also Convenes major research conferences
  4. It also Educates the public policy makers about the importance of chemistry in the world.
  5. It also Provides donations for the research in petroleum and other related fields
  6. It also Sponsors a number of international activities related to the chemical field.

The system is also operating around 185 local sections in the United States which allow members to:

  1. Enhance their professional development.
  2. Connect with chemists and relevant professionals in their area.
  3. Improve the public knowledge of chemistry.

It also offers the members to participate in 33 speciality divisions at the national level. Such as industrial and engineering chemistry, food and agriculture, etc. The speciality divisions help the members to:

  1. Become aware of the latest developments
  2. Contribute to the development and recognition of their scientific discipline
  3. Monitor growth in similar fields and network with colleagues

When it comes to its role, it is representing in more than 140 countries with more than 24000 members throughout the world.


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