What is the full form of STD?

What is the full form of STD?

What is the full form of STD

Do You know for what the abbreviations STD stands for? No, Would you like to know about “What is the full form of STD? or STD Full Form? If YES, then check out this post.

Here, in this post, I had provided all the information about the Full Form of STD such as for what does STD stands for, Symptoms and signs of the STDs, Causes of STDs, Safety to avoid STD here in this post.

So, let us check out STD full form information in the following post.

What is the full form of STD? or STD Full Form?

There is two full form that is well popular for the abbreviation “STD”. These two are:

  • STD – Subscriber Trunk Dialing
  • STD – Sexually Transmitted Diseases

So, here in this post, I am going to share detailed information about the full forms of STD – Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

So, check out them carefully.

STD – Sexually Transmitted Diseases

  • STD – Sexually Transmitted Diseases

This full form of STD is most popular worldwide. Basically, Sexually Transmitted Diseases are one kind of infections that mainly spread due to having sex such as vaginal intercourse, anal sex, and oral sex.

STD is also referred to as VD – Venereal Diseases and STI – Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Since these diseases don’t cause symptoms so are very risky. There is also a great risk of passing these diseases on to others.

STD – Symptoms and signs

The followings are some common symptoms and signs of STD’s. Make sure to check out the list.

  1. Penile Discharge
  2. Vaginal Discharge
  3. Ulcers on the genitals
  4. Ulcers around the genitals
  5. Pelvic Pain etc.

These diseases are also very dangerous to the pregnant women and may affect pregnant women up to a very high extent.

Causes of STDs

There are around more than 30 different viruses, bacteria, and parasites that are responsible for the spreading of STD’s. The followings are the main…

  1. Viral STDs: HIV/AIDS, Genital Herpes, Genital warts
  2. Bacterial STDs: Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and Syphilis
  3. Parasite STDs: Trichomoniasis

However, STD’s Diseases are mainly spread due to having sex with more than one partners without any type of protection.

But, some of the STD’s are also being spread by non-sexual contact with blood contamination and breastfeeding, tissues, and during childbirth.

How to Avoid STD’s – Safety & Securities

  • STD’s can be prevented in many ways. However, the most effective way to prevent the STD’s diseases is to not have sex with a partner, who have many partners.
  • Some vaccination also decreases the risk of certain infection like Hepatitis B.
  • You can also make of condoms to prevent these diseases.

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