What is the Full Form of TRP – TRP Full Form

What is the Full Form of TRP – TRP Full Form

What is the Full Form of TRP

Do You know for what the abbreviations BBA stands for? No, Would you like to know about “What is the full form of TRP? or TRP Full Form? If YES, then check out this post.

Here, in this post, I am going to provide all the information about the TRP such as what is the full form of TRP, What is the TRP, How do TRP works, and How TRP is calculated? here in this post.

So, let us check “What is the Full Form of TRP is?”

What is the Full Form of TRP – TRP Full Form

Full Form of TRP: Television Rating Point

The short form TRP stands for Television Rating Point. Basically, TRP is a tool. TRP indicates the popularity of a television program. TRP is primarily used to judge a television programme that is viewed most by peoples.

Basically, TRP states that “what is the choice of the people and also the popularity of that particular program.

Normally, a high TRP states that particular program is viewed most by large numbers of viewers.

A high TRP is very useful in the advertisements of a particular television channel which the channel will place their advertisements during their program.

TRP Calculation – How TRP is calculated?

Now, you may ask a question that “How TRP is calculated?”

TRP of any channel is calculated by the agency INTAM. In INDIA, INTAM (Indian Television Audience Measurement) is the main agency that is responsible for the calculation of TRP.

Basically, It works on two methods:

  1. Frequency Monitoring Method
  2. Picture Matching Technique

Check out below for more info on “How TRP is calculated?”

Frequency Monitoring Method of TRP Calculation

In this method, a device, called as People’s meter is connected to the TV sets of a few thousand viewers to judge. People’s meter records time along with the television program that is viewed by the viewers on a particular day and time.

After that, the average is taken out on the basis of the last 30-day period to learn the viewership status of a particular program.

People’s meter is a very costly device which is imported from abroad.

Let us check another method of TRP calculation.

Picture Matching Technique of TRP Calculation

In this method of calculating TRP, People’s meter device continuously records small portions of a picture, which is viewed on a particular television set.

After some time, data is gathered from these sample houses and the collected data is used to calculate the national rating.

Picture Matching Technique of TRP Calculation is more reliable and comparatively new in India.


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