What is the full form of USB???

What is the full form of USB

What is the full form of USB

Full Form of USB is Universal Serial Bus

The USB -Stands for “Universal Serial Bus.” Basically, Universal Serial Bus is an interface standard that is developed for short-distance data communications.

USB defines the connectors, cables, and protocols used for communication and power supply between electronic devices and computers.

In fact, USB is the most common type of port of Computers, used in computers and laptops. And, USB is also faster than older ports, such as serial and parallel ports

USB is a plug-and-play interface which allows easy connection of peripheral devices. It is used to connect keyboards, digital cameras, mice, printers, scanners, game controllers, removable media drives, etc.

Through  USB hubs, One can connect up to 127 peripherals to a single USB port and use all them at a time.

History of USB

USB – Universal Serial Bus was developed by a group of seven companies in 1994. These group of companies are DEC, IBM, Compaq, Microsoft, Intel, NEC, and Nortel.

USB is also useful for making an easy connection between external devices to PC.

A USB device can be used for multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Linux.

USB Connectivity – How to connect USB device with Computer?

Connecting a USB device is the simplest task. To connect USB device with a computer, you just need to insert the USB device in the computer’s  USB port. It will easily detect the device and start working. It does not require to reboot your system while connecting a USB device. That is why it is the most commonly used device.

There are three basic sizes of USB connectors:

  • Standard size
  • Mini size
  • Micro size


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